Agile So Far – August

We are now on our third iteration and I’m feeling far more confident about our ability to execute consistently but am going to stay focused here for at least another iteration to ensure we’ve captured as many issue type scenarios and contingency plans. All in all I feel like we’re doing pretty well. We’re hitting … Continue reading


Weekly Review – Recharging FTW

One Thing I’ve Learned The being a data geek/project manager does have its life benefits; recently I’ve had a health challenge that while not serious has forced me to focus on being healthier. To that end I’ve done my analysis, weighed some risks, crunched the numbers and have come up with a good workable twenty … Continue reading

GTD The Weekly Review

The Weekly Review is a download you can get from the David Allen Company website that outlines a process you can do on a weekly basis to help you close out your weeks’ worth of work and prepare for the next week’s.  It basically is a pretty simple checklist you can go through in about an … Continue reading

Weekly Review – RIM, Fitbolt and Guts

One Thing I Learned This week we reviewed a chapter in Working with Emotional Intelligence that focused on gut instinct and how important recognizing your intuition is to your emotional awareness, how accurate you are in your own self-assessment and how that plays into your level of self-confidence. Fabulous stuff! Three Things I’m Grateful For … Continue reading

Running Better Meetings

Let’s talk a bit about meetings. I hate meetings! Well maybe I should be more specific – I hate meetings without a clear and defined purpose. By that I mean discussion meetings, status meetings and those meetings to just socialize, meetings where at the end of an hour I really have no idea why we … Continue reading