Weekly Wrap Up – Coursera and Customer Service

One Thing I Learned File this under a ‘Duh!’ moment – Every January we spend the month archiving a year’s worth of data from all cubes, cleaning up unused tables and procs, and doing of review of data to ensure that we’re still using the most accurate measure and that our dimensions are sound. This … Continue reading

October 2014 – Goals

Projects This month we’re wrapping up a two new data warehouses, since both are with new user groups we’ll be doing a ton of training and are expecting quite a bit of enhancements as they start digging through their data. We’re also ramping down our Lotus Notes to SharePoint conversion; more than 800 separate databases … Continue reading

February 2014 Goals

2014 Release Planning I am about 75% there! Most of the plan is done and we are currently working as if it is set and stone. However, I have one customer that pushed back our meeting and our organizational overview was schedule for the end of this month. I’m not expecting a lot of changes … Continue reading

BI Yearly Maintenance

I look at data warehouses and data marts like cabinets where you store specific items.  And like any cabinet, at least in my house, over time they get a little overstuffed, you may find things that don’t really belong, or things that you no longer want or need, maybe even a few things that have … Continue reading

Release Planning

My release planning is a little different than other agile teams I’ve encountered and it deviates somewhat from what I believe the excepted method of developing one is, as well.  In any given iteration we work on 10+ user stories concurrently, those stories can account for many different products and or projects. Because of this … Continue reading