Weekly Review – RIM, Fitbolt and Guts

One Thing I Learned

This week we reviewed a chapter in Working with Emotional Intelligence that focused on gut instinct and how important recognizing your intuition is to your emotional awareness, how accurate you are in your own self-assessment and how that plays into your level of self-confidence. Fabulous stuff!

Three Things I’m Grateful For

Remember the Milk – I use this tool to manage all of my business, volunteer and personal goals and ensure that striking the right balance between all three (accomplishments feel good dammit). This past week I had a bit of a ball drop when a fairly important task failed to get onto my to-do list. Fortunately I had, in autopilot mode, emailed a reminder to RIM where the task was sitting patiently in my inbox. Whew!

Fitbolt – Do you spend most of your day seated? This handy little application prompts you at regular intervals to stretch or get off your butt and do a quick exercise for just a minute or so and it’s FREE! Go get it!

I have some kick-ass, fun, bright and driven female friends and am so grateful I got to spend a fun night out with them this week.

Five Things I Accomplished

I knocked off three dimension files this week towards this iterations goal of completing all of the back end work necessary to start integrating a warehouse that I own with an external version. It’s only been a few months since I stepped back from daily development work in favor of focusing my attention on process improvement but I’d already forgotten how stressful it is to have a constant stream of interruptions when you are on deadline – good reminder though and something I should be more conscious of for my own team’s sake.

Somehow I ended up being the resident expert on SharePoint search configuration – this past week after a few months of odd occurrences I rolled my sleeves up and reworked our crawl rules and schedules. So far it looks like for the better. (I have no idea what I’m doing but I Google VERY well.)

One of the things I really like about SharePoint over shared drives is the ease of finding the right content for whatever it is that you need to do or resolve, so we started building out a companion wiki for our issue site that catalogues every server we support, its makeup, applications and business line. No more hunting!




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