I bought this domain because the word taarradhin sums up my core philosophy so perfectly; its compromise but on an entirely different level. Typically when people compromise it means that one or both have sacrificed something in order to gain or move forward. Taarradhin means to find a resolution where everyone gets what they want without the sacrifice – everyone wins. As a manager and leader my goal is to achieve taarradhin in every situation I’m working through.

I’ve been a manager (this time around) for about 8 years now. My work primarily centers on data and all the millions of ways you can compile it, consume it, display it and interpret it. From marts and warehouses to reporting, forecasting and custom applications, we build it and maintain it. My team operates under agile methodologies, is currently implementing SCRUM and uses mostly MS technologies: SQL Server, .Net, Reporting Services and SharePoint.

What you’ll find here are my thoughts, experiments, reviews and whatever strikes my fancy where it pertains to my work life


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