January 2017 Goals

Some of this may look familiar, I was a fairly optimistic planner for December and given the amount of time off we all had to use up it really wasn’t feasible. Lesson learned. Projects MOSS07 Decommission Prep January will bring the demise of our SharePoint 2007 environment.  We spent many years, five I believe, converting … Continue reading

December 2016 Goals

Projects Reporting Migration One of our more complicated web sites has needed a little love on the reporting side.  The reports that came with the application, which wasn’t built by my team but was transitioned to us last year, were all web based and not easily used in sales presentations, much less exportable to excel … Continue reading

July 2014 Goals

More Agile Training This month I am traveling to Rochester to facilitate an Agile boot camp for one of my company’s digital development and design teams. I’m excited to do some training, meet with a new team and learn about their challenges. I really do enjoy showing folks how Agile can help them overcome problems … Continue reading

Weekly Review – SharePoint 2013

One Thing I’ve Learned This week I kicked off my SharePoint 2013 Upgrade goal by attending a video conference hosted by Microsoft. The conference itself was geared more toward understanding the enterprise social gains of making the move. We’re not a very enterprise social company, culturally we’re split across divisions with the chasms in between … Continue reading

September 2013 Goals

Leadership 2014 Leadership Training Two years into this little side project and I’m very happy to say we’re going to go for a third. This year we took a new group of 20 through Everyone Communicates/Few Connect and the group of 18 from last year through Leading Change. We (now a team of 3 passionate … Continue reading