Weekly Wrap Up – Zicam, User Stories, Intersect

Five Things I Accomplished Next week I am conducting an Agile user story workshop for a large group of newish product owners. I’ve only done this type of training for developers/project leads so reworking it to fit folks who aren’t used writing up requirements was an interesting exercise on its own. This year my team … Continue reading

BI Yearly Maintenance

I look at data warehouses and data marts like cabinets where you store specific items.  And like any cabinet, at least in my house, over time they get a little overstuffed, you may find things that don’t really belong, or things that you no longer want or need, maybe even a few things that have … Continue reading

Career Planning – Your Model Pt 3

Last year I spent some time learning about business modeling after reading Business Model Generation. When I spotted Business Model You by the same author on the shelves over the holidays I immediately grabbed it, it promised to be the answer to my planning problem. Business Model You takes the exact same approach used in … Continue reading

Release Planning

My release planning is a little different than other agile teams I’ve encountered and it deviates somewhat from what I believe the excepted method of developing one is, as well.  In any given iteration we work on 10+ user stories concurrently, those stories can account for many different products and or projects. Because of this … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – Anxiety, Happy Hour & Organizing

One Thing I’ve Learned This week I came across an interesting article on the HBR blogs on the how anxiety impacts your performance. It focus on why people choke, basically because of what the author calls a “traffic jam of worry and self-monitoring”.  I’m definitely in the work great under pressure category, not because I … Continue reading