Book Club – Deep Dive by Rich Horwath

Every year I let my team pick a book that some will become the basis of our monthly book club, this year they chose a book called Deep Dive by Rich Horwath. The book focuses on how to implement strategic planning as a team by focusing on three disciplines; acumen or understanding your business environment, … Continue reading

Estimating with Agile

Why do you need to estimate well? Imagine that you’re a lender; you review loan requests, negotiate the terms and the repayment plan all up front. These are agreed upon and even signed off on by all parties, money exchanges hands, and you bask in the glory of a great plan. Along comes the first … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – HabitBull, Checky and Hootlet

One Thing I Learned This thing made me ridiculously giddy! If you are using SQL Server Management Studio and you have IntelliSense enable and you often do select * from to quickly view data you can actually hover over the * and get a column list. I actually have the object explorer always open so … Continue reading

Agile So Far – October 2014

Estimation When we started our Agile implementation our ability to predict when projects would be completed was at an average of 30% of the time.  Almost immediately, well within six months, we had already seen that percentage increase up to 60%.  This last year I set a goal with all my team members to get … Continue reading

October 2014 – Goals

Projects This month we’re wrapping up a two new data warehouses, since both are with new user groups we’ll be doing a ton of training and are expecting quite a bit of enhancements as they start digging through their data. We’re also ramping down our Lotus Notes to SharePoint conversion; more than 800 separate databases … Continue reading