Weekly Review – Recharging FTW

One Thing I’ve Learned

The being a data geek/project manager does have its life benefits; recently I’ve had a health challenge that while not serious has forced me to focus on being healthier. To that end I’ve done my analysis, weighed some risks, crunched the numbers and have come up with a good workable twenty four week plan. No, I don’t have a Gantt chart but I do have a lovely set of spreadsheets.

Three Things I’m Grateful For

Time to recharge, this week I took two days off to relax and work on some personal goals. It’s not something that everyone has the luxury of doing, taking time off of work to focus on them. I’m grateful I’m in the position where I can.

People that can make you laugh at yourself. If you don’t have friends that nudge you when you’re wrong or being way to serious, you need to get at least one.

That I’m naturally pretty organized. I had a day this week where I was completely unprepared one morning and it messed me up all day long: I forgot to set up the coffee maker, woke up late, no gas in the car, huge traffic mess. It reminded me how much less stressed you are when you do that prep work ahead of time.

Five Things I Accomplished

My BI project ended this week with successfully mapping the two final files and creating a new table and process to fulfill the needs of a third. We’re ready to start extracting!

A six week event related project was closed out this week with a lively and very productive post mortem meeting.

My whiteboard is clean – unlike the photo. Everything on it has been neatly put into a prioritized list so I can add it to my goal planning next month.



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