Innovation – Creative Abrasion

Two things connected for me recently in a stars aligning kind of way. Years ago, 11 in fact, I purchased a creative abrasion training guide for my team thinking that it would a good tool when working with other teams or customers where the relationship was contentious to help us to get through combat to … Continue reading


Agile Project Management

Whenever I’m chatting with a project or software development manager and the conversation turns to Agile I always get the same response; “That would never work for us!” quickly followed by “How do you maintain your project management responsibilities?” To the former, yes, Agile absolutely would work. Assuming you implement it in a way that … Continue reading

GTD The Weekly Review

The Weekly Review is a download you can get from the David Allen Company website that outlines a process you can do on a weekly basis to help you close out your weeks’ worth of work and prepare for the next week’s.  It basically is a pretty simple checklist you can go through in about an … Continue reading

GTD, Innovation and Yale Courses

July’s List of Links David Allen’s GTD Times This blog site has a ton of ideas and products, many of them free, which will help you be better organized. He also has a podcast, a newsletter and an excellent starter kit to get you going. Workload Guide Deadlines always blowing past you? Too many ideas … Continue reading