Weekly Wrap Up – Coursera and Customer Service

One Thing I Learned File this under a ‘Duh!’ moment – Every January we spend the month archiving a year’s worth of data from all cubes, cleaning up unused tables and procs, and doing of review of data to ensure that we’re still using the most accurate measure and that our dimensions are sound. This … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – Asana and Elevate

One Thing I Learned I picked up quite a few Word hacks this week from getting back into the writing habit, I’m using the spike and have added a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts to my arsenal. My favorite though is SHIFT + F7, this activates the thesaurus for you and you don’t even have … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – HabitBull, Checky and Hootlet

One Thing I Learned This thing made me ridiculously giddy! If you are using SQL Server Management Studio and you have IntelliSense enable and you often do select * from to quickly view data you can actually hover over the * and get a column list. I actually have the object explorer always open so … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – Zicam, User Stories, Intersect

Five Things I Accomplished Next week I am conducting an Agile user story workshop for a large group of newish product owners. I’ve only done this type of training for developers/project leads so reworking it to fit folks who aren’t used writing up requirements was an interesting exercise on its own. This year my team … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – Anxiety, Happy Hour & Organizing

One Thing I’ve Learned This week I came across an interesting article on the HBR blogs on the how anxiety impacts your performance. It focus on why people choke, basically because of what the author calls a “traffic jam of worry and self-monitoring”.  I’m definitely in the work great under pressure category, not because I … Continue reading