Working with Emotional Intelligence – September

This month our Working with Emotional Intelligence meeting focused on Chapter 5 – Self-Control. We went into this thinking we’re fairly fortunate that self-control issues are not common in our environment. In fact they are so uncommon that we’re all pretty shocked when someone here loses their temper. What we didn’t take into consideration at the … Continue reading

BI Problems – Report Chaos

I have to say straight out that while my work environment may be unique in many areas, I doubt that I am the only one to have come across this issue.  For over a decade we have allowed users outside of IT unrestricted access to production environments to write their own reports in their own … Continue reading

Weekly Review – Evernote Rocks!

One Thing I’ve Learned This week in my Everyone Communicates Few Connect training we discussed the barriers that can prevent you from finding common ground with those around you, Assumption (‘I already know what others know, feel or want.’), Arrogance (‘I don’t need to know what others know, feel or want.’), Indifference (‘I don’t care … Continue reading

September Goals

Leadership Welcome to Management After a few weeks’ worth of research and gathering the input of about a dozen new managers, I’ve come up with a fairly comprehensive solution to the ‘tossed into the frying pan’ issue. I’ve drawn up a proposal to implement a landing page where anyone new to management can find training, forms … Continue reading