Career Planning – Your Model

I feel like, in some ways, I was exceptionally lucky growing up. Throughout my childhood I was told I capable of accomplishing anything I had an interest in pursuing. Both of my parents are intellectual and growth orientated, my grandparents were all self-made, entirely optimistic and competent people and my teachers and mentors were all … Continue reading

Starting a Mentoring Program

At the end of a training session last year, I asked the group to participate in an empathy exercise. Basically, I had them put themselves in the position of a brand new manager, not new to the company but new to the role, to brainstorm on what it feels like when you’re facing unknown challenges. I … Continue reading

April 2013 Goals

Leadership Prepping for Leading for Change My 2013 training proposal for our leadership group was approved; this included another round of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect with a new facilitator while I’ll be taking the 2012 group through Leading Change by John P Kotter. I’ll spend most of April reviewing and revising the session plans, transitioning … Continue reading