Tonecheck, Cupcakes And Reviews

One Thing I Learned That, despite the hype, women are not naturally more emotionally intelligent than men; I know right?! We really don’t have a one up there when it comes to managing our emotions or leading better. I was shocked to learn that this past week in Dan Goleman’s Working with Emotional Intelligence, he … Continue reading

GTD, Innovation and Yale Courses

July’s List of Links David Allen’s GTD Times This blog site has a ton of ideas and products, many of them free, which will help you be better organized. He also has a podcast, a newsletter and an excellent starter kit to get you going. Workload Guide Deadlines always blowing past you? Too many ideas … Continue reading

Agile So Far

Agile is an umbrella term for a number of software development methodologies with a common set of principles.  Basically it is a method that of managing projects that emphasize individual interactions collaboration and working software over and pretty much everything else.  Earlier this year I decided to update our current rapid application development methodology by … Continue reading

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Every year my team and I read a book and discuss it as a group, at about a chapter a month in pace, sometimes I choose the book based on a topic I think we need to cover. Last year we worked on The 8th Habit by Stephen Covey, which is fairly heavy content covering … Continue reading

Risk Management, Happiness and Melatonin

One Thing I Learned Risk management principles are very important in weighing the outcome of all kinds of project and business decisions, as project management is the majority of my position I spend a good portion of my week using the sort out next steps and anticipate issues. I’d bookmark this article – Embracing Risk … Continue reading