Velocity – Understanding Your Points

I started this project to help me find the right data points to assist not only with better iteration planning but also to help me plan future iterations with a solid estimate of what we typically complete. I started off by looking at our Velocity, typically the number you use but not something we find … Continue reading

10 Things I Wish Everyone Understood – Email Edition

Reply All Is Best in Moderation We’ve all seen that inbox number spike and looked with dread at a plethora with the same subject line. Is it an emergency? Something catastrophic? No, it’s the dreaded reply all avalanche; completely unnecessary and some might argue a flat out nuisance. Keep in mind that everyone on that … Continue reading

January Links – Conflict, Meetings and Pride

Favorite business links from January 2014 Conflict Strategies for Nice People Dealing with conflict is by far my least favorite thing to do and it’s easily 20% of my daily job. There really isn’t any way to get around it, you can ignore it at your own career peril or you can find the best way … Continue reading

Running Better Meetings

Let’s talk a bit about meetings. I hate meetings! Well maybe I should be more specific – I hate meetings without a clear and defined purpose. By that I mean discussion meetings, status meetings and those meetings to just socialize, meetings where at the end of an hour I really have no idea why we … Continue reading