November Goals

October completely overwhelmed me, hence the zero posts all month, we had more than a few issues at work, one of the organizations I work with took up more of my spare time than normal and I decided to speak at Ignite Phoenix #13 which made my already dwindling spare time go into the red. … Continue reading


Working with Emotional Intelligence – September

This month our Working with Emotional Intelligence meeting focused on Chapter 5 – Self-Control. We went into this thinking we’re fairly fortunate that self-control issues are not common in our environment. In fact they are so uncommon that we’re all pretty shocked when someone here loses their temper. What we didn’t take into consideration at the … Continue reading

Weekly Review – Recharging FTW

One Thing I’ve Learned The being a data geek/project manager does have its life benefits; recently I’ve had a health challenge that while not serious has forced me to focus on being healthier. To that end I’ve done my analysis, weighed some risks, crunched the numbers and have come up with a good workable twenty … Continue reading

Weekly Review – RIM, Fitbolt and Guts

One Thing I Learned This week we reviewed a chapter in Working with Emotional Intelligence that focused on gut instinct and how important recognizing your intuition is to your emotional awareness, how accurate you are in your own self-assessment and how that plays into your level of self-confidence. Fabulous stuff! Three Things I’m Grateful For … Continue reading

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Every year my team and I read a book and discuss it as a group, at about a chapter a month in pace, sometimes I choose the book based on a topic I think we need to cover. Last year we worked on The 8th Habit by Stephen Covey, which is fairly heavy content covering … Continue reading