November Goals

October completely overwhelmed me, hence the zero posts all month, we had more than a few issues at work, one of the organizations I work with took up more of my spare time than normal and I decided to speak at Ignite Phoenix #13 which made my already dwindling spare time go into the red. The good news is that all of the above were wrapped up nicely and I’m really looking forward to devoting more time to writing in November. And of course tackling some new goals…


Training, Training, Training

Last week I took the results from the Everyone Communicates, Few Connect series to my sponsor and discussed next steps for that specific training, what to do next with the first group and a few additional ideas that came from a brainstorming session on the perils of being a new employee/manager. That meeting resulted in getting the go ahead to do formal proposals for another round of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect with a new group, a new book series (TBD) to continue building with the first ECFC group and a mentoring program for new leaders.



Our fifth iteration was really challenging for the group, we had two emergencies come in that in effect derailed two planned projects and learning how to compensate as a group for that has been difficult, we’ve struggled with keeping communication on tasks open, tracking what’s being worked on and keeping focus on the projects that are still in progress. I’m looking forward to our retrospective next week to see what ideas the rest of the group has on maintaining our velocity after the cart hit a few ruts.


We are at the time of the year where we shift gears to focus on BI tasks and scoping out projects/upgrades for next year. Once the fifth iteration is done most of my team will go from working on projects to design work and data archiving, most of which will be tracked as a sixth iteration to round out the year. I’m hoping to get a migration or two knocked out in the process but movement on that front has been seriously slow.


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