Risk Management, Happiness and Melatonin

One Thing I Learned

Risk management principles are very important in weighing the outcome of all kinds of project and business decisions, as project management is the majority of my position I spend a good portion of my week using the sort out next steps and anticipate issues. I’d bookmark this article – Embracing Risk in Career Decisions – about a month ago and finally sat down to read eat earlier this week. I have to admit that I’ve probably been doing it wrong all this time meaning focusing on minimizing risk over a full picture view of the impact a decision would have on my life. I’ll be factoring some of the points form this article in next time around.

Three Things I’m Grateful For

That I have such a supportive set of friends around me, they don’t always get why I choose a path but they are always in the wings to cheer me on.

Melatonin, without it I wouldn’t have had too much sleep this week.

Mindmeister, when I have a few too many ideas and am having trouble sorting out what to do with them this site is my go to tool for getting it done.

Five Things I Accomplished

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect has successfully launched!

After more than six months of putting it off, I finally had some time to sit down and brainstorm and I now have a game plan for tackling some intergroup relationship issues.

I also caught up on my non-profit tasks; updating our business plan and workflow.

I knocked about 20 tasks off my parking lot to-do list, some of which had been in stasis for months.

Most importantly, I wrote over 5000 words this week which makes me extremely happy.



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