Building Better Presentations

Know your Audience The most important thing that I have learned about building effective presentations is beginning by understanding your audience. The book slide:ology by Nancy Duarte has some fantastic suggestions on how to get to the point that you’re planning your presentation based on who you’re presenting to. She outlines a simple seven step … Continue reading

July Goals

Leadership Everyone Communicates, Few Connect This Wednesday morning I’ll of the kicking off the first of the seven sessions of our training series based upon book.  Mission accomplished on the presentation and slide deck as they are ready to go, I also implemented a website with a number of tools to assist us with these … Continue reading

Audiences, Autonomy and Efficiency

July 6th – Weekly Wrap Up One Thing I’ve Learned Earlier this month I picked up a copy of slide:ology by Nancy Duarte in the hopes of polishing my upcoming presentations, I ended up learning so much more after diving into this book this past week – better design concepts, creative use of visual elements, … Continue reading