Tonecheck, Cupcakes And Reviews

One Thing I Learned

That, despite the hype, women are not naturally more emotionally intelligent than men; I know right?! We really don’t have a one up there when it comes to managing our emotions or leading better. I was shocked to learn that this past week in Dan Goleman’s Working with Emotional Intelligence, he says on average that most women are more empathetic and skilled in relationships while men are more confident and optimistic but overall we’re about even. I can live with that!

Three Things I’m Grateful For

Tonecheck – If you aren’t familiar with this email add-in let me enlighten you, it reads your emails for specific sentiment words/phrases and flags them so that they can be checked and corrected. During weeks like this where the frustration and stress level run high, it is my best friend.

Supportive Co-workers – Pushing yourself out of a comfort zone is so much easier knowing that there are others who have your back. This week it was so helpful for me to look across a crowded table and see smiling and friendly faces.

Cupcakes – I am a universal fan of bitty cakes with a cap of yummy frosting and even better, ones that are shared with supportive co-workers.

Five Things I Accomplished

Our first Agile iteration is in the bag – 61 tasks planned/83 accomplished; which means we have some issues with unplanned tasks and estimating. We also had a great retrospective that created a nice backlog of ideas for us to try out in the future.

Reviews are done! – Whew! After a few false starts and way too much waiting, I was able to give all of my employees their reviews this past week. All went really well, no surprise there, and we have development plans and goals locked and loaded for the next nine months.

After a seriously rocky start, and I mean rocky, we are off and running with our Costa Rican contractors.

In my non-profit life, I’ve gotten caught up on a ton of paperwork that had been falling by the wayside.

And I finally have a game plan for pulling together the training and development project for my department.

Busy week, super stressful but finally over!


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