Weekly Wrap Up – Asana and Elevate

One Thing I Learned

I picked up quite a few Word hacks this week from getting back into the writing habit, I’m using the spike and have added a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts to my arsenal. My favorite though is SHIFT + F7, this activates the thesaurus for you and you don’t even have to highlight the word, it’ll take care of it for you.

Three Things I’m Grateful For

Asana – Man am I digging this tool! I’m an old school project manager (!!), MS Project has been my faithful companion for more than a decade now, and I still use it on a daily basis. The biggest problem I have with it is that while it’s a great tool for me, no one else really cares about it. After trying everything from Basecamp to Teamwork PM, I’m so happy with the features in Asana and how easy it is to navigate. If they’d only let me create a project, sections and tasks by importing a project file it would be nirvana!

Elevate – Ok, so I’m a bit of a self-improvement junkie, freely willing to admit that the number of apps on my phone that are designed to help me be better at something are in the double digits. I came across Elevate a couple of nights ago and I’m sold. It’s designed to challenge you in the skill areas you’d like to improve, everything from spelling to memory. You get some pretty hard games to play that are relatively quick and very engaging and they limit how many you can do every day.

My team – I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of folks to spend my days with, they are entirely competent which on its own is awesome and something I so appreciate every time I go on vacation, BUT they’re also fun, witty, creative, open, energetic and a little nutty.

Five Things I Accomplished

We had cube issue this past week caused by some bad source data. Unfortunately the folks who own the source system didn’t tell us for a couple of days that there had been a problem so we spent too much time chasing the usual suspects. Once we found out about the culprit we were able to rebuild the source data, adjust the problem dimension and rebuild the cube. I enjoy getting my hands into dirty data when I can, its soul satisfying to clean it all up and make it right again.

My non-profit life is ramping up this month, we have an event coming up in April so I spent some time this week on our project plan and setting up Asana to see if it might be a good tool for the group. One thing that I really love about this volunteer job is that the project plan is so repeatable, I only have to change the date for the event and the project plan adjusts the rest (and it’s a 100+ line item plan) – the only project I work on where the actual plan is the least of the work.

The rest all falls under the organizing heading – our schedules for the year are ready to go, we kicked off this year’s book club and we had a mini Agile planning meeting to discuss resolutions to some issues we’ve been having. And we’re off!


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