Weekly Wrap Up – Anxiety, Happy Hour & Organizing

One Thing I’ve Learned

This week I came across an interesting article on the HBR blogs on the how anxiety impacts your performance. It focus on why people choke, basically because of what the author calls a “traffic jam of worry and self-monitoring”.  I’m definitely in the work great under pressure category, not because I don’t have any anxiety but due to pressure removing the anxiety. In effect I just don’t have time to listen to any self talk I have to get it done – I go into auto pilot mode. Interesting article, definitely worth reading – The Relationship between Anxiety and Performance

Three Things I’m Grateful For

My boss is back after a month out of the office. I don’t often “need” him, I don’t even often go see him (which he reminds me of regularly) but I do like having him around and I definitely missed him.

Can I be grateful for happy hours? Please? This week is the first five day work week in a little more than a month for me and it neatly coincided with everyone deciding it was time to get work done and all of us being more than a little worn out from allergies and colds. Which will make today’s happy hour just such a relief.

And on that note I am also super grateful for espresso, Advil Allergy & Congestion, Zzzquil, Melatonin, Tom Yum and Teavana. All of these things combined have gotten me through this week.

Five Things I’ve Accomplished

Our release plan for 2014 is in the ready for product owner feedback stage, I meet with them the week of the 20th for revisions. I’m not anticipating much more being added but am looking forward to some further definition on priorities.

It looks like I’ll spend a good amount of time this quarter doing actually coding work. We have two projects without resources that I can assist with so I’m going to do what I can to keep them both moving. This week I adjusted two file extracts to pull better, more accurate data. Sort of a round two process, with many more to come.

All of the yearly organizing is now done; meetings are coordinated, folders created, files purged and cleaned, goals defined and scheduled…it’s all ready to go!

And on a more personal note I’ve managed to stick to my practice test schedule and mostly stick to my studying plan. I just need to spend some more time with my flash cards.


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