Weekly Wrap Up – HabitBull, Checky and Hootlet

One Thing I Learned

This thing made me ridiculously giddy! If you are using SQL Server Management Studio and you have IntelliSense enable and you often do select * from to quickly view data you can actually hover over the * and get a column list. I actually have the object explorer always open so it’s not that I really need it, it’s just super cool to know it’s there.

Three Things I’m Grateful For

HabitBull – I have so many different goals that I’m working on right now that it’s been difficult to assess my progress on the all – HabitBull has turned out to be my savior! Not only can I track multiple goals (OMG patterns!!) with one view but because each is set up independently you have a glorious number of options for notifications, measurements and tracking. The notifications are giggly worthy too – ‘Ola Sharky Shark’.

Checky – One of my previously mentioned goals is to focus more on the present moment, meaning stop looking at my phone all the damn time and actually enjoy what I’m doing. Checky is perfect for this and super lightweight, every day I get a notification with the amount of times I checked my phone and I can pull up the app to see what the trend is like. Easy Peasy!

This one is going to be an ‘Uhh duh!’ moment for many of you. I’ve been a Hootsuite user for years now but I’ve always logged in and used the website for scheduling posts and all that good stuff. I just recently (I know!) moved to using Chrome primarily and installed the Hootsuite Hootlet, oh man is that good stuff – I can post, schedule, auto schedule and it actually formats the post for me much better than I do most days.

Five Things I Accomplished

I’ve been doing a ton of development work in the last three months, not my norm and not my preference but we’re short staffed and had a high priority project come up. It’s been a challenging project all around but I have enjoyed architecting a new warehouse, building out the data transformations and playing with the measures. This week I wrapped up my last three stories on this one: creating a new process for storing our primary measure (rates) , correctly splitting another measure (discount expenses) into two new separate measures based upon categories, and then compiling all the testing data and supporting documentation to hand it all off for data validation. I’m really looking forward to flipping the switch on this one.

Now that I’ve obtained my PMI-ACP certification, I’m going back and getting my PMP (again) certification. This week I focused on the project integration management, not the most fun topic in the world but by far not the worst. It’s challenging to do this now after spending the last three years replacing PM terms with Agile terms, probably shouldn’t have let my PMP lapse.

We successfully (I think) completed our Deep Dive book club this week. More on that book and the series later but suffice to say that it wasn’t an awesome choice for the group and we are all happy to be done.


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