Building a Team

I’m often asked how I ended up with such an awesome team.  The short answer is that didn’t happen overnight and I usually stop there, who really wants to hear about all the pain anyway?! And it was painful for the first couple of years; I had to replace if the majority of the team … Continue reading


Defining Your Mentoring Program

Part 2 of a who-knows-how-long series of my working through the process of creating a peer mentoring program at my company. This started off from a brainstorm I had with the leadership skills group I facilitate where the lack of support for new managers came up as a rather large stumbling block we’d all encountered. … Continue reading

Agile So Far – May

Yesterday we completed our 11th iteration, I’d like to say at this point that we are experts, that every plan is executed flawlessly, and that we are the very model of an Agile team.  As I’m sitting here thinking about our postmortem today and mulling over the issues that arose this past iteration and all of … Continue reading

Career Planning – Your Model

I feel like, in some ways, I was exceptionally lucky growing up. Throughout my childhood I was told I capable of accomplishing anything I had an interest in pursuing. Both of my parents are intellectual and growth orientated, my grandparents were all self-made, entirely optimistic and competent people and my teachers and mentors were all … Continue reading

Starting a Mentoring Program

At the end of a training session last year, I asked the group to participate in an empathy exercise. Basically, I had them put themselves in the position of a brand new manager, not new to the company but new to the role, to brainstorm on what it feels like when you’re facing unknown challenges. I … Continue reading