Career Planning – Your Model Pt 2

Last year I spent some time learning about business modeling after reading Business Model Generation. When I spotted Business Model You by the same author on the shelves over the holidays I immediately grabbed it, it promised to be the answer to my planning problem. Business Model You takes the exact same approach used in … Continue reading


Career Planning – Your Model

I feel like, in some ways, I was exceptionally lucky growing up. Throughout my childhood I was told I capable of accomplishing anything I had an interest in pursuing. Both of my parents are intellectual and growth orientated, my grandparents were all self-made, entirely optimistic and competent people and my teachers and mentors were all … Continue reading

Weekly Review – Evernote Rocks!

One Thing I’ve Learned This week in my Everyone Communicates Few Connect training we discussed the barriers that can prevent you from finding common ground with those around you, Assumption (‘I already know what others know, feel or want.’), Arrogance (‘I don’t need to know what others know, feel or want.’), Indifference (‘I don’t care … Continue reading

Consistency of Character

We all know difficult people. In fact I’d challenge anyone to look around them and not find at least one person at work that you’d just prefer not to talk to or avoid dealing with. That person who fires off email bombs, takes over meetings to force their own agenda or is very selective about … Continue reading