Defining Your Mentoring Program

Part 2 of a who-knows-how-long series of my working through the process of creating a peer mentoring program at my company. This started off from a brainstorm I had with the leadership skills group I facilitate where the lack of support for new managers came up as a rather large stumbling block we’d all encountered. … Continue reading

Career Planning – Your Model

I feel like, in some ways, I was exceptionally lucky growing up. Throughout my childhood I was told I capable of accomplishing anything I had an interest in pursuing. Both of my parents are intellectual and growth orientated, my grandparents were all self-made, entirely optimistic and competent people and my teachers and mentors were all … Continue reading

Tonecheck, Cupcakes And Reviews

One Thing I Learned That, despite the hype, women are not naturally more emotionally intelligent than men; I know right?! We really don’t have a one up there when it comes to managing our emotions or leading better. I was shocked to learn that this past week in Dan Goleman’s Working with Emotional Intelligence, he … Continue reading

July Goals

Leadership Everyone Communicates, Few Connect This Wednesday morning I’ll of the kicking off the first of the seven sessions of our training series based upon book.  Mission accomplished on the presentation and slide deck as they are ready to go, I also implemented a website with a number of tools to assist us with these … Continue reading