Agile So Far – May

Yesterday we completed our 11th iteration, I’d like to say at this point that we are experts, that every plan is executed flawlessly, and that we are the very model of an Agile team.  As I’m sitting here thinking about our postmortem today and mulling over the issues that arose this past iteration and all of … Continue reading

November Goals

October completely overwhelmed me, hence the zero posts all month, we had more than a few issues at work, one of the organizations I work with took up more of my spare time than normal and I decided to speak at Ignite Phoenix #13 which made my already dwindling spare time go into the red. … Continue reading

Agile So Far – August

We are now on our third iteration and I’m feeling far more confident about our ability to execute consistently but am going to stay focused here for at least another iteration to ensure we’ve captured as many issue type scenarios and contingency plans. All in all I feel like we’re doing pretty well. We’re hitting … Continue reading