Velocity – Reporting vs Predicting Progress

This is my team’s burndown chart, what we use to communicate progress across all groups and how we measure progress    against the plan. You may notice that there are a few data points that aren’t typical in most Agile burndowns; the first being that we don’t measure progress in story points and the second that … Continue reading


Agile So Far – October 2014

Estimation When we started our Agile implementation our ability to predict when projects would be completed was at an average of 30% of the time.  Almost immediately, well within six months, we had already seen that percentage increase up to 60%.  This last year I set a goal with all my team members to get … Continue reading

Agile So Far – September 2013

Last week we closed out our 15th iteration, when I last posted I was pondering the kinks and wondering if they were fixable. I haven’t had any epiphanies, yet, where that’s concerned but I have grown more comfortable with the bumps we have in the process. Not every problem needs a solution. Estimating When we … Continue reading