Audiences, Autonomy and Efficiency

July 6th – Weekly Wrap Up

One Thing I’ve Learned

Earlier this month I picked up a copy of slide:ology by Nancy Duarte in the hopes of polishing my upcoming presentations, I ended up learning so much more after diving into this book this past week – better design concepts, creative use of visual elements, when and where to incorporate images and video and so much more. My personal gem? The audience needs map – it has forever changed my approach to building a presentation – you begin by asking yourself seven questions about your audience to assist with ensuring you have the right content to address their needs and fears.

If you’re called upon to create presentations on a regular basis, you need this book. Thank me later!

Three Things I’m Grateful For

The autonomy that I’m afforded at work (at times), it’s enabled me to creatively tackle issues and grow in ways that go beyond my job description.

The trust my team has in my vision, this first week of Agile methodology has been challenging for everyone and I’m so thankful that have folks willing to  try, strive and work with me to implement significant changes.

Unexpected enthusiasm – This week during a very informal presentation on the concepts around Agile project management an attendee said “I really want to try this!” that really made my week!

Five Things I Accomplished

I completed the launch presentation and my script for the first Everyone Communicates, Few Connect book series.

My team is now in their first Agile iteration.

We successfully kicked off seven new projects.

I’ve successfully delegated most of the daily management of those to our Scrum Master. (Why delegation is so difficult sometimes, I do not understand.)

And I’ve completed three full weeks of my new GTD method which has about tripled what I get in done in an average day. Crazy!


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