August Goals

Leadership New Manager On Boarding Wow, I so hate that term! I’ve been kicking around an idea to help prepare people for a new management position. One of the things I hear often from new managers at my company is that they feel like they need to figure it out on their own, which isn’t … Continue reading

July Goals

Leadership Everyone Communicates, Few Connect This Wednesday morning I’ll of the kicking off the first of the seven sessions of our training series based upon book.  Mission accomplished on the presentation and slide deck as they are ready to go, I also implemented a website with a number of tools to assist us with these … Continue reading

June Goals

Leadership Everyone Communicates Few Connect Last year I proposed doing a lunch and learn series based upon this book. The book grabbed my attention because the idea of connecting with people that I work with is something I believe is critical to the success of the organization, my team, our projects and myself. We’re all … Continue reading