Agile So Far – January 2015

Our 31st iteration started off with an Agile review meeting where we had an open discussion on what changes we’d like to make, ideas for the future and a few minutes from me on addressing reporting needs. Not a lot came out of it, surprisingly. I guess I was expecting more tweaks than I probably … Continue reading


Measuring for Success

I have read recently that one of the worst things that you can do when measuring the success of your Agile implementation is to use measures to influence people’s behavior.  Meaning instead of using your measuring processes to assess the overall success of your products, or as a feedback mechanism to find pain points or … Continue reading

BI Problems – Report Chaos

I have to say straight out that while my work environment may be unique in many areas, I doubt that I am the only one to have come across this issue.  For over a decade we have allowed users outside of IT unrestricted access to production environments to write their own reports in their own … Continue reading