October 2014 – Goals

Projects This month we’re wrapping up a two new data warehouses, since both are with new user groups we’ll be doing a ton of training and are expecting quite a bit of enhancements as they start digging through their data. We’re also ramping down our Lotus Notes to SharePoint conversion; more than 800 separate databases … Continue reading


April 2013 Goals

Leadership Prepping for Leading for Change My 2013 training proposal for our leadership group was approved; this included another round of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect with a new facilitator while I’ll be taking the 2012 group through Leading Change by John P Kotter. I’ll spend most of April reviewing and revising the session plans, transitioning … Continue reading

BI Problems – Report Chaos

I have to say straight out that while my work environment may be unique in many areas, I doubt that I am the only one to have come across this issue.  For over a decade we have allowed users outside of IT unrestricted access to production environments to write their own reports in their own … Continue reading

September Goals

Leadership Welcome to Management After a few weeks’ worth of research and gathering the input of about a dozen new managers, I’ve come up with a fairly comprehensive solution to the ‘tossed into the frying pan’ issue. I’ve drawn up a proposal to implement a landing page where anyone new to management can find training, forms … Continue reading