October 2014 – Goals

Projects This month we’re wrapping up a two new data warehouses, since both are with new user groups we’ll be doing a ton of training and are expecting quite a bit of enhancements as they start digging through their data. We’re also ramping down our Lotus Notes to SharePoint conversion; more than 800 separate databases … Continue reading


January 2014 Goals

2014 Release Plan We have a multi stage process for determining what projects will be worked on every year.  The first stage is a general wish list developed by the actual IT team; this includes all the projects that really don’t have much user value, such as upgrading servers or cleaning up libraries.  Next we … Continue reading

Facilitating Everyone Communicates Few Connect

About three years ago I came across Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell;  I’m a bit of a Maxwell fan having led my team through a couple of his leadership and teamwork books over the years.  This title attracted me because it speaks to something that I’ve always struggled with, the difference between communicating … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – Kodyaz, Agile Exams and Do Nothing

One Thing I’ve Learned Over the years I’ve collected a bunch of methods to pivot data in queries and result sets, some easy, some way too complicated, none really the best method. This week I finally sat down and focused on learning how to use the Pivot function in SQL Server (It’s not as easy … Continue reading

December 2013 Goals

Leadership A few weeks ago I turned in a draft proposal for my 2014 leadership skills training program, this is the facilitated book club I’ve led the last two years, in that proposal I requested that we add a third group and facilitator and that we also move to two to books a year to … Continue reading