Book Club – Deep Dive by Rich Horwath

Every year I let my team pick a book that some will become the basis of our monthly book club, this year they chose a book called Deep Dive by Rich Horwath. The book focuses on how to implement strategic planning as a team by focusing on three disciplines; acumen or understanding your business environment, … Continue reading

Facilitating Everyone Communicates Few Connect

About three years ago I came across Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell;  I’m a bit of a Maxwell fan having led my team through a couple of his leadership and teamwork books over the years.  This title attracted me because it speaks to something that I’ve always struggled with, the difference between communicating … Continue reading

Weekly Review – Resource Leveling & Lined Post-It Notes

One Thing I’ve Learned I rely on MS Project for the bulk of my project management duties. One are that I’ve always struggled with is resource leveling; it just doesn’t do what I want it to. This week I decided to take an hour of time to learn the basics to see where I’m going. … Continue reading

Defining Your Mentoring Program

Part 2 of a who-knows-how-long series of my working through the process of creating a peer mentoring program at my company. This started off from a brainstorm I had with the leadership skills group I facilitate where the lack of support for new managers came up as a rather large stumbling block we’d all encountered. … Continue reading