October 2013 Goals


2014 Leadership Training

Our facilitators meeting went really we decided to propose we each do two classes next year, do them on alternating weeks and limit participation to 15 attendees due to the size of our conference rooms. Our new books are still in the midst of the decision making process, we’re definitely going to do a series on EQ and I need to decide on a topic and research a new book for the second session.


Agile Training Packet

Over the last year I have conducted about a dozen or so different flavors of Agile training; development team boot camps, 101 sessions for leadership, 101 sessions for product owners as well as a variety of topic specific on everything from Scrum to holding retrospectives. This month I need to condense all of that down to a repeatable set of trainings based upon audience so I can shorten the time it takes for me to prepare to train as well as being able to share with other sites a list of available trainings that I am able to conduct.

2014 Backlog

We’re in the midst of budget discussions for 2014 and that means I need to start scoping out what projects we’ll be doing, what resources I need and start working with my product owners to build out their collective product backlogs. We’ve been doing this via my legacy project management methods up to this point; I’m really looking forward to giving more control to our product owners.


October will be the first month that Office 360 is rolled out to the beta testing group. We have quite a few application that call on the desktop versions of Office products as well as use Excel to front end all of our data warehouses. The impact of this roll out has been determined by an outside group who don’t have the same environment, so I’m anticipating we’ll throw a wrinkle or two into the process.


Pass the PMI-ACP test! That is all!

Well that and a wee bit of networking; I’ve been invited to a dinner at the end of the month that will put me in front of a large number of people that I’ve not met but really should get to know. Networking is not at all a skill I possess but one I really need to work on.


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