November Biz Links

3 Productivity Hacks – Pluralsight

I love this video, at 27 minutes, it is more of a webinar than quick tips but it’s well worth it. It covers how to consolidate your inboxes, use your schedule to your advantage and create focused time to get important to-dos off your list. I’m still working on the first one but the other two are absolutely key to managing my own day that I couldn’t function without them.


Measuring Your Employees’ Invisible Forms of Influence – Harvard Business Review

Anyone who believes that influence is indicated by a person’s title or position is completely mistaken or has never seen the watercooler in action. Influence is more closely correlated with collaboration and communication skills, this article give some real world examples and lessons learned by companies who are trying to better capture influence as a means to leadership development.


20 Tiny Ways to Kick-Start a Change – Unstuck

For those of us who can easily become stuck in analysis (ok over analysis), this is a great tips sheet on how to break through and get started. My favorite – #7 Each time you complain about things, stop and come up with a solution.


How to Deal with a Boss Who Behaves Unpredictably – Harvard Business Review

I hate to say this but it’s true – Don’t take it personally. As I’ve gotten further into my management career (read: older), the one thing that I can consistently say is that it’s rarely about you, your relationship, or their feelings towards you. More often than not, there was a prior event or situation that has either carried over or has been triggered in the moment. This article has some great tips on getting through an unexpected reaction.



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