Favorite Biz Links Jan 2015

My short list of favorite links I’ve come across this month.

There is no Shortage of Leaders

This one was my favorite of the month, it sparked many conversations on the ‘raising’ of leaders and the impact that culture has on their abilities. It’s also sent me on a long ponder on the discarding of leaders for ineffectiveness when they may only really need realignment.

The Inferiority Complex

I wish I could get a print of this and put it on the wall in my office as a constant reminder to get the heck out of my head and move forward.

What to Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

I am lucky to not be in this situation now, though I have been in the past and do not envy anyone stuck trying to navigate it. There are some good tips here though on breaking through and creating an effective relationship. I’d add that asking your boss on a regular basis if he/she needs anything from you can be helpful in creating a more open relationship.

10 Traits of Innovative Leaders

Yes to all of this!! This year my goal as a leader is to foster more innovative thinking and processes into my team and organization and get past some of the limitations we’ve created for ourselves. This article will be reread many times along the way.



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